How to Plan a Courthouse Wedding

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You might be excited about getting married, but your not 100% on how to proceed. You want to do it right? Enjoy every moment of your special day with an intimate setting that is just for two – no crowds and less stress! We will help make sure this dream becomes a reality by providing everything from planners who can plan out all those details ahead of time so there isn’t any confusion on what needs to be done when (or where), florists/groomsmen musicians if needed….and even bridesmaid dresses in case anyone wants extra visibility during the big day 😉

Couple getting married at the courthouse

There is nothing more romantic than just the two of you at your courthouse wedding. The process of getting married just the two of you and then telling your loved ones about it afterward can create some great memories for you both.

The only thing that might stand between this perfect day from going off without a hitch? Planning – making sure everything falls into place on time so there’s no chance whatsoever leftover something important hasn’t been thought through completely beforehand… And if things don’t go exactly according to plan? Well let me tell ya: You’ve got one incredible honeymoon planned already because these guys know how

The person who will be performing your marriage ceremony at the courthouse has been carefully chosen so that they not only know how to perform weddings but also care about them. This may mean choosing an official such as a judge or justice of the peace for their experience in helping people navigate legal processes like this one properly, and there’ll likely be other qualifications too!

In most cases when you get married here locally-we’re talking down below where I live on Long Island Sound -the officiant is going stay professional no matter what happens during your big day because whether things go smoothly OR NOT, he needs every ounce of professionalism possible just wanted to make sure everything goes as planned.

An intimate courthouse wedding is a great way to save money, but it’s important not just for the sake of being economical. Here are some tips from professional wedding planners on how you can make your special day at this venue even more memorable!

Steps to Planning a Courthouse Wedding

Planning a city hall wedding is as easy, but there are still many steps that need attention before the big day. Here’s how you can plan your perfect nuptials in 10 quick moves!

Couple Sitting on courthouse steps after wedding

How to Choose a City Hall

Choose a place that has special significance to your relationship, whether it’s where you met and fell in love or currently live. You can travel anywhere and make this the first stop on an exciting honeymoon getaway! San Francisco is one example of many cities around America worth visiting for its rich history as well stunning architecture—and I bet they have plenty of places within those centers too like parks & squares…

Research Marriage License Requirements

Figuring out the logistics of your wedding ahead of time is crucial. So don’t forget to get that license! The formal and official process will vary based on where you live, but in most cases you’ll need an ID or birth certificate before they’ll issue one for married couples who are planning their festivities locally.”

You might think you can just go to city hall and get married that afternoon but “some states have a waiting period so it’s best if possible to pick up your license closer too your wedding date.”

If you’re not prepared to get married in the U.S., then it’s best that before traveling abroad for an overseas wedding ceremony, just be sure and have all of your legal vaccinations covered so nothing goes wrong with obtaining one!

Couple Appling for marriage license for Courthouse wedding

Apply for the Marriage License

The next step is to apply for a marriage license. You’ll need two things: an ID or driver’s license, and certified copies of both birth certificates with social security numbers on them so that we can check if you’re eligible under our requirements for us to receive it and sign off with black ink!

Some cities only accept credit cards money orders but make sure before checking what form these payments take by calling up first just as I did mine because some may require cash too when making transactions While this sounds like something simple enough – getting married- there are plenty more steps involved beyond going down those

Make an Appointment

Making a courthouse appointment in advance is the best way to ensure you get your desired time slot. If it’s not possible for some reason, try checking one day ahead of schedule and wait until then!

The majority of courthouses offer services Monday through Friday but always check with them before going because there could be limited availability on weekends or holidays.”

Make a Courthouse Wedding Checklist 

You will need to make sure you bring all of your paperwork with you when going in for the wedding.

There are a few things that should be included, like both parties having ID documents and their marriage license; it’s also best if one person can stand in as an official witness who is over 18 years old.

Groom carries bride after courthouse wedding

Capture the Event on Film

Hiring a photographer for your wedding is one investment that you should make early on. Documenting the big day will not only help commemorate it but also provide beautiful memories to look back upon in years and decades alike!

Your best bet would be to seek out someone who has already shot at that city hall before as they’ll know all about good photo opportunities around town – especially if there are some places where nobody else seems interested or bothered by taking their photos.

Invite Your Closest Family Members or Friends

One of the best parts about having a no-fuss ceremony is that you can invite who matters to YOU and not worry about worrying over all those pesky wedding guest list rules. After checking in advance, most cities will only require two witnesses for your special day which means it’s time to get invites out!

Think about inviting close family members or friends – but make sure they’re worth including because this isn’t going be an overwhelming affair like other types of events.

Pick an Outfit

Weddings are a big deal. But you don’t need to break the bank or wear an uncomfortable dress when getting married!

There is more than one type of affordable wedding dress that’s perfect for your courthouse ceremony-and they come in all different styles too, from formal ball gowns down to casual sheath dresses, designers have even devoted entire collections just to civil marriage attire so there should something fashionable near enough for anyone who wants it..

Fun-Filled After-Party

Plan a post-ceremony celebration of some sort. Even if you think it’s no big deal. You can keep things small and intimate with champagne in a hotel lounge or go all out by having a reception at a restaurant where everyone will be able to dress up for dinner followed by dancing on your favorite floor (or roof).

Whatever decision works best for both of you–just don’t forget that this special occasion should reflect who YOU are as individuals outside what society expects from married couples so make sure there isn’t anything preventing either one from being themselves because they deserve every bit of happiness possible after committing such forever love onto each other

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