How to avoid becoming a ‘Guestzilla’ at weddings

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You’re at a wedding and everything is going great–until it’s not. You start to feel like a ‘guestzilla’, and before you know it, you’ve managed to ruin the event for everyone else. But it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve seen this happen it is heart breaking to watch how it effects the bride and groom. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to being the perfect wedding guest.

How to avoid becoming a 'Guestzilla' at weddings

Attend weddings with the right attitude

No matter how many weddings you’ve been to, it’s important to remember that this is a special day for the bride and groom. They’ve spent months (or even years) planning every detail, so try to go into the event with a positive attitude. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that this is supposed to be a fun day.

RSVP to the event promptly

RSVPing late (or not at all) is one of the quickest ways to become a “guestzilla”. The bride and groom have likely put together a detailed plan based on the number of people they expect to attend, so try to RSVP as soon as possible. If you’re unsure whether or not you can make it, err on the side of caution and say no. The couple will appreciate having a better idea of how many people to expect.

It’s important not to bring uninvited guests

This one is pretty simple: if you weren’t invited to bring a +1, don’t try to sneak one in. The bride and groom have likely already spent a lot of money on food and drink, so adding an extra person (or two) could throw off their whole budget. Plus, it’s just rude!

Don’t show up drunk

Weddings are not the time to get trashed. Not only will you embarrass yourself, but you’ll also make the bride and groom (and their families) feel uncomfortable. Stick to one or two drinks during the cocktail hour, and then switch to water or soda for the rest of the night.

Behave yourself at the reception

Remember: this is not a nightclub. Even if there’s an open bar, resist the urge to get rowdy. Stick to dancing and socializing with people you know, and avoid getting into any arguments or fights. The last thing the bride and groom want is for their reception to turn into a circus. I had a friend this happened to it was between the two families, it was a complete nightmare and upset the bride and groom.

Send thank-you cards after the wedding

Sending a thank-you card is a small gesture that goes a long way. The bride and groom will appreciate the thought, and it’s a nice way to show your appreciation for being invited to their special day. Make sure to include a personal note along with your card, and try to mail it out within a few weeks of the wedding.

Send wedding gifts promptly

It’s always important to send a wedding gift promptly, but it’s especially crucial if you don’t want to be known as a “guestzilla”. If you wait too long, the bride and groom will likely have already received their gifts from other guests. Try to send your gift within a month of the wedding, or better yet, bring it with you to the event.

With these simple tips, you can avoid becoming a ‘guestzilla’ and make sure the bride and groom have a wedding they’ll always remember–for all the right reasons!

Dress appropriately

One way to make sure you don’t become a ‘guestzilla’ at a wedding is to dress appropriately. That means wearing something elegant, but not too formal or too casual. If in doubt, it’s always better to go with something more conservative.

Avoid flashy colors or patterns, and steer clear of anything too revealing. You want to blend in with the other guests, not stand out like a sore thumb. And make sure your shoes are comfortable! You’ll be doing a lot of dancing, so you don’t want to be hobbling around in heels that are too high or shoes that are too tight. Speaking from experience nothing worse than when your feet hurt.

Do not post negative comments about the wedding online

It’s perfectly natural to have some negative thoughts about a wedding, especially if you’re not the one getting married. But resist the urge to post any negative comments online.

The bride and groom are likely already feeling stressed out enough, so they don’t need to read comments from friends and family that are anything but positive. Plus, it’s just rude. If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

A few other things

There are a few other things to keep in mind if you want to avoid becoming a ‘guestzilla’ at a wedding. For example, don’t show up late or leave early, and don’t monopolize the bride and groom’s time. Try to spend most of your time talking to people you know, and let the bride and groom enjoy their time with their guests. And finally, don’t forget to say thank you! A simple ‘thank you for having me’ can go a long way in showing your appreciation.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming the perfect wedding guest. Just remember to relax and have fun, and the rest will fall into place.